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Resources based on the main needs of digital marketing departments.

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A solution with the aim of finding the possible prescribers of your brand. Distinguish between lovers and haters of the brand itself, specific products, services…

Consumer insight

Know your audience. By monitoring social media, we manage to understand our target audience. Using the feedback we collect through our tools, we can offer you well-tailored products, services and marketing campaigns.

Brand reputation

Identify trends and the relationship status of your target with your brand. Use social listening to detect possible market niches and take advantage of finding out new trends to your benefit.

Organic campaign analysis

Control your organic digital marketing campaigns. We show you all the KPIs (impressions, reach, commitment, hourly peaks…) so that you can analyze your marketing actions at any moment.


We show you Atribus through a free and custom DEMO. No credit card required. No software installations are needed.


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